Caring for Yourself

One of the most common and also most detrimental mistakes caregivers make is neglecting to care for themselves. Bad for you, bad for your care receiver and bad for all those who love you.

How should caregivers care for themselves?

Caring for yourself can take on many forms and, depending on your personal burdens and needs, speaking with a professional counselor or psychologist is never a bad idea. However, we have provided many ideas to think about that may be separated into ideas to think about on a recurring basis and ideas to think about at least once, in order to establish your own philosophies on caregiving.

Why should Caregivers diligently make their own mental and physical health a priority?

Lest we forget...

When taking on the role of caregiver for you parent or an aging loved one, it's easy to get over your head by taking on too many new tasks or by taking on responsibilities you're not prepared or trained for.

This kind of situation can lead you into a murky world of guilt, anxiety and anger. Before you know it, your ability to provide care diminishes as well as the quality of your relationships with friends and family.

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