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When good health is a product of so many things, where do we begin?

Helping to create good health is helping to create a better life. However, good health is a combination of many things and, for aging adults, involves the efforts of many individuals - not least, the aging individual. For a caregiver, approaching this topic from two sides: encouraging them to help themselves and getting your own hands dirty.

Focusing on the big picture

Some things we all should think about

When every care receiver is different and has different needs, when every caregiver has a different role and different capacity, these are ideas we can all agree lead toward positive goals.

Advocating for an aging parent or relative doesn't have to be that hard. And the consequences of not can be catastrophic.

Explore the ways in which your efforts can be most effective

We don't have to grow frail and feeble minded to see that our healthcare system can be intimidating and highly confusing. However, if we are becoming frail and are having difficulty understanding what's happening to us and how to navigate our options for help, the healthcare system quickly becomes something of nightmares.

With some education, organization and coordination with the right people (and at times some aggressive tactics), your parent or aging loved one can get access to needed healthcare they may have gone without.

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