With the stress of making sure day to day necessities are being met, sometimes we might forget what is most important to those we are taking care of. Try to come back to this place from time to time.

Make it a priority

Because giving happiness really isn't that hard

The mind is a powerful thing. It has been proven that those with a feeling of purpose in life recover from stress and trauma much faster and experience a lower rate of memory loss. How might a caregiver give purpose? It's not hard, inclusion. Human contact and family inclusion provide a sense of community and importance that can reframe the way we see ourselves and our purpose.

Getting family & friends involved does more than you think

Don't let family become complacent

As we age, loss and grief come along with the territory. Unfortunately, a lingering side effect of loss is loneliness. Many aging adults have fewer friends and peers to connect with.

Family is the bearer of the torch of life that should not be withheld from our aging parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. Set up weekly reminders for the whole family to call or visit your aging loved one. It's a small act that reaps a reward of great happiness.

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